Astronomers Have Detected a Whopping 8 New Repeating Signals From Deep Space

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These types of signals are usually pulsars or some other stellar object. Very unlikely its aliens.


**Content update 08/15/19:** * Added *aliens* to the universe * Once establishing contact you will be able to trade and share knowledge * New PVP (or PVA really) options added. ​ Pick up the initial quest by decoding the eight new signals added. Good luck! Edit: thanks for the silver 😀 your donation has earned you one weeks access to the live server and access to any upcoming betas including our new update ” 2020 Shitshow: Bernie rides again “


So if we find another signal, should we call it Deep Space Nine?


If the signals repeated a random pattern at certain intervals, just like the Arecibo message, then it could be aliens.


Dear higher life forms, We have received your correspondence offering the secrets of the universe and thank you for your promise of ascension of humanity to a higher plane. However, to be honest, now is not a good time. We wish you best of luck in elevating other civilizations in your future endeavors Regards, Humanity