China Says U.S. Violates Xi-Trump Consensus With New 10% Tariff

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Round 2 BEGIN! (☞゚ヮ゚)☞


So everyone gonna basically retaliate until someone’s economy crashes hard, and then someone will give up for ahwile


Can’t wait for the Trump tweet when he wakes up


Regardless of your politics, you have to admit the tariffs/trade war are silly and will not accomplish anything. TPP was our way of getting better trade arrangements with China and we said no. There were 2 schools of thought back in pre-2016: play hardball with China to force them into better international trade arrangements or do nothing and hope everyone grows equally together. The first option manifested itself as TPP, which our diplomats and top trade bureaucrats spent years working toward with more than a dozen nations, only to have it become politically unsavory so no one in 2016 supported it. The second option was optimistic and was essentially “more of the same”. We are now trudging down a third option where we try to strong-arm China by ourselves and a leader making social media posts bashing them at a time when they need to appear strong because of a budding rebellion in HK. Xi has no term limit now, while our whole federal administration is up for grabs next year. China knows they can call the shots on this deal. I fully expect huge concessions on the US side just so Trump can ink a deal and get a photo op.


Oh no, China is worried about someone not keeping their word