Climate change could trigger a global food crisis, new U.N. report says

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…and a fresh water crisis, raise sea levels, deadlier storms, make more land uninhabitable, spark mass migrations…


Let’s see who colonizes who for the new gold called food.


I think once the market demands it, indoor vertical farming will become the primary source of food. Id bet under 20 years


I’ve been thinking about climate science. As an expert in research design and statistical analysis, I can’t work out how the narrative seems to describe some kind of prediction of the future around climate change? It’s not how I’ve ever ‘done science.’ I would however, be stoked if I could just present my hypothesis and be done with the actual analysis bit, because that would really streamline my work. Keep in mind I only know about geology and climate science from a layman’s perspective. Maybe it uses different experimental strategies, compared to psychology?


And you think that migration is bad now…