ELI5: How do ”350 millions trees planted each year” actually work?

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Hey, Canadian tree planter here. Canada actually has similar rules with planting 2 trees for every 1 cut down. Reforestation companies hire large amount of people to work in remote areas to plant trees. An average camp size is about 45 planters not including staff and cooks. An average planter can plant about 2000 trees a day but really good ones can do more. In just one summer/ spring season Canada plants millions of trees. It takes a lot of work to get these camps up and running but once everyone knows how to plant and is serious about making money then trees really start to get planted quickly. Not sure how Sweden does their reforestation but I would imagine similar to Canada. Now that I think about it I want to plant some trees in Sweden.


I planted over 100k trees during my summer of tree planting. You can plant a tree every 2 seconds if you are good. Some people can do it while pretty much running.


I wish someone would ever take into account that you can’t just stick a tree sapling in the ground and walk away, and expect it to live. “Ethopia planted 350 million trees in one day!” isn’t as impressive when 90% of them die within the year due to to not being managed. It gives people a false and dangerous sense of accomplishment.


I know Georgia Pacific used to brag in commercials of planting an insane number of seedlings.


To also follow up on this, why are pine trees (or other softwood) chosen to replant vs leafy trees (hardwood) and is there an advantage to one over the other?