Evangelical Christians Are the Least Trusted Religious Group in New Zealand

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That’s because most of them are batshit crazy just like here in the US


There is a reason for this. I’m a New Zealander and we hate those who say one thing then do another. For example one of the people in the conservative right is the spokesperson for the family. She moralises about the lack of morals in today’s society. But she is a serial adulterer. She is on her 5th marriage, she specialises in breaking up marriages and marrying the husband. The last marriage she broke up the wife killed her self. The same conservative Christian group chairman who made a big deal of family values was taken to court for sexual harassment by his secretary and won. The other thing that miffs us off is the way they keep bringing in outside groups from the US for propaganda. Preachy and hypocrisy.


This makes me feel patriotic. I think I’m going to break out into our national anthem! ♫God of Nations♫ … dammit.


Kiwi here, taking a bow. 😀


As it should be.