Fox News poll shows near-record disapproval rating for Trump after mass shootings

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Obama after mass shooting- he empathizes with the victims and it’s genuine Trump after mass shooting- attacks his political opponents No brainer


He smiled, held up a baby orphaned by the shooting and gave a thumbs up. All politics should just be cancelled after that. It was an interesting experiment, but no more. No more politics.


I just find it hilarious that Fox has a really good polling outfit that reports numbers that counter the narrative Fox is always trying to spin on TV.


43 out of 100 people don’t disapprove of him . That number will be in a textbook someday.


> “Forty-three percent of respondents said they approve of Trump’s job performance” From the poll. FORTY THREE PERCENT. WTF. 43 out of 100 still think the orange shitgibbon is doing a good job. WTF AMERICA?