Hyundai launches car with a roof-based solar charging system. The idea is for the solar roof to support the car’s electric power source, boost fuel efficiency and lower carbon dioxide emissions.

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Good for them!! I love my wife’s Elantra. Glad to hear they’re innovating in this way.


So by making the car $5,000+ more expensive, you get to increase the range of the car 2-5 miles on a sunny day. Wow, you’ll only have to drive 181,000 miles for it to pay for itself. Uplifting, indeed.


I wondered how long it would take for one of them to try this. I hope the technology only gets better.


I should of went into engineering I thought of this 10+ years ago


The idea here has never been to run the car on solar itself. It was always to top off the charge and lower the use of the ICE to recharge the batteries. If you do short and few trips it might be possible to run them on the battery charge from solar alone. But for longer trips it just results in better efficiency from not using the generator as much.