Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib ‘barred from entering Israel’, report says

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If they were wrong about Israel being unfair and cruel to Palestinians, they would want to bring them there and demonstrate directly to them that they are wrong. Banning them just makes it clear that these two women are absolutely, one hundred percent correct.


Trump pretty much requested this by the way. Two elected American officials. Threw the propaganda machine at them too to silence them.


The United States should retaliate tbh These are elected officials


A ban won’t accomplish what Likud expects – this will almost certainly bolster the opposition amidst claims of free speech. From the purely geopolitical perspective, this would never happen without Trump in the White House – Israel, which benefits from billions in American funding, banning two Congresswomen? Get real. Trump should show some bipartisan leadership and condemn this move.


I’m shocked that their racist leader would ban them from his ethnostate…