India has shut down Kashmir’s internet: pharmacists can’t restock medicines, workers aren’t being paid

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I don’t live in America, so this is genuine curiosity. I’m curious to know as to why America doesn’t focus on Kashmir like they focus on Hong Kong; Pakistan and India are *nuclear powers* and I’m certain nothing will end well if they go to war.


lol at the 68% upvote. Good job Reddit.


Seeing this from Hong Kong, I’m kind of glad police brutality/corruption is the only thing happening. Definitely beats getting the entire internet shut down, jesus.


Unrelated, also kind of a dick move BUT if you ever get those spam calls that are obvious scams, listen to the options and get to a real person, casually say “Kashmir belongs to Pakistan”. Enjoy.


an entire state of 10 million people is being squeezed to death. just to win elections and spread right wing fascism.