Lonely, socially anxious Millennials are more likely to use dating apps compulsively, suggests a new study (n=269), which found that social anxiety was related to a preference to meet and talk to potential dating partners online rather than in person.

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I was going to comment a stingy “Well duuuh people with social anxiety prefer to meet potential partners online rather than in person”. But no, it is not something immediately obvious for everyone, and it’s always good to have studies confirm with empirical evidence what we can observe in real life.


I don’t really understand how this can be unique to one particular demographic. What does being a millennial really have to do with this?


Since “millennials” is not a properly defined group, I don’t really think it’s appropriate when used with scientific studies.


And here I am to shy to write randoms on tinder 🌚


i’m done with grindr since a month ago. Internet is driven us mad.