Obesity linked to loss of gut antibody, increased insulin resistance. Gut-associated IgA+ immune cells regulate obesity-related insulin resistance (Aug 2019) findings identify intestinal IgA+ immune cells as mucosal mediators of whole-body glucose regulation in diet-induced metabolic disease

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I just hope I live long enough for gut-bacteria transplants to become more mainstream and widespread (and understood). So many studies supporting that gut-bacteria are so much more important than we thought. Hoping that perhaps my final years will be more healthy than my middle years (type 2 diabetes and associated weight gain).


IgA deficiency in humans is not common.


We as a species should drastically decrease carbohydrate intake and stick to a macro-nutrient composition more in line with food consumption during the pre-agricultural era. Our genes are still hardwired for the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, and did not evolve to handle the insane amounts of carbohydrates and monosaccharides, inherent to the western diet. These high amounts of bread, pastas, rice and potatoes lead to failing body weight homeostasis mechanisms, of which metabolic syndrome is one of the possible but more extreme endpoints. High amounts of carbohydrates result in ‘abnormal’ blood glucose/insulin spiking, with overshooting of the correcting effector mechanisms, and subsequently the inappropriate induction of hunger, which without dietary changes will maintain the established vicious circle. Unfortunately the high carbohydrate western diet is the only sustainable diet for this overpopulated planet.


I see a pill in the works…


This just in… Obesity is linked to overeating and lack of exercise!