Organizers said some 100,000 people, mostly women, had attended a demonstration in the capital, Brasilia. Protesters slammed populist President Jair Bolsonaro, whom they labeled “misogynist, racist and homophobic.”

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He is the definition of human trash! As a brazilian I feel fucking embarrassed to have my country represented by that brainless piece of shit.


> The protest event is held every four years and is named after Brazilian trade union leader Margarida Maria Alves, who was murdered in 1983 during the military dictatorship. From the article.


Stop all the slamming!


He’s a fucking asshole with terrible views on women gays and minorities, sure. But what’s he’s doing to the Amazon is far more problematic than his shitty views on people. Where are those protests?


Wasn’t 100,000 people at all. As a Brasília resident, saw all the protest from the window off my work and it wasn’t never 100k people…