People of reddit, what would you do if you had to kill six hours of time at a train station?

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Start walking and get on the train half way.


1. Take a train in the different direction, 2. get off after 3 hours and take the train you originally intended to get on. 3. ??? 4. Profit. You now spent 0 hours at the train station.


Explore the area, start a colony, invade Poland etc


1. Take a selfie in front of an easily recognizable location. 2. Set that selfie as your default image on Facebook. 3. Download and sign in to Tinder. 4. Set your match distance to one mile. 5. Write in your profile that you’ll be waiting at the depicted location. 6. Start matching with people. 7. Discreetly record the goings-on when folks come to meet you. 8. Publish the results to YouTube with the title “Triple Tinder Match GONE WRONG! (GONE TRAIN STATION!!!)” or something similar. 9. Monetize the video. 10. Post a link to the video on various social media platforms. **TL:DR: Fun and profit.**


Years back, my friend and I were backpacking through Europe, and the train out of Rome was so delayed that it didn’t arrive and we were kicked out of the station at midnight, had to wait until it opened at (6? 7am? Somewhere near there) to catch the first train out. I’m American, and had planned on sleeping on that train ride. Nearby hostels in Rome were all filled, and I didn’t want to spend the extra cash on a hotel room. (Airbnb wasn’t as big back then) So, my friend and I hung around outside with other people who were kicked out. Talked to people. Read a small book I’d tucked away. Met some lovely students from Portugal who were also traveling and about our age. We shared stories and childhood clapping games and eventually got up and started teaching each other dance moves. My friend and I taught them some swing dancing moves and spins, and we learned some sort of cooperative circular line dance. We continued just hanging out until the McDonald’s nearby opened at 5am, and we moved to the air conditioning to eat chicken nuggets and shift the conversation to our own local foods and what we eat during holidays. Holiday customs. Old Tv shows. For 6 hours, we acted like we’d been friends for years, and would be friends for forever. We had each other’s backs when trying to decipher Italian, and dissuading belligerent other people who approached in the dark of early morning. And when our trains arrived, we waved goodbye, reminded each other to try xyz foods, and then never saw each other again. I remember them fondly, and can honestly say I fell in love with them a little. I’d never recognize them, I’ve forgotten their names, but I’ll never forget the excitement on their faces when it “clicked” how to swing dance, or their jokingly stern expression when demanding that we try Portuguese savory pies. So…. when I’m stuck at a place, or if I go to an event alone, I try to make “Single Serving Friends” – people who you can fall for just a little, and then say goodbye and hold their memory in your heart. EDIT: some people brought up that apparently “Single Serving Friend” is a Fight Club reference. I didn’t realize! I’ve been using that term for years, and haven’t seen that movie in a very long time. People that you meet for a short time and click with instantly, and then never see again – they tend to make lasting impacts that can change your view of the world forever. The movie, I think, makes it sound shallow and pointless – bland like airplane food, but I truly believe these moments are incredibly valuable and worthwhile. :/