Students of Reddit, what was the reason for why one of your teacher’s had a breakdown during class?

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My 8th grade Spanish teacher and the freshman baseball coach were having an affair. It eventually became public knowledge and she had several breakdowns as her divorce played out over course of my 8th grade year. I had the pleasure of joining the freshman baseball team the next year and experiencing *his* own share of breakdowns from *his* own divorce


My math professor in college was going through a divorce and they were fighting for custody of their two younger children. You can tell he was irritated because he wore his emotions on his sleeve. One day he came into class about 5 minutes late and he was physically shaking. He was violently crying and apologize to us and said the class was cancelled. He apparently lost the custody fight with his ex wife.


Physics teacher came into class late. Walked past the podium and walked into the chalkboard. Like, he would have kept walking if it wasn’t there. He then picked up one of those plastic pen things that you put chalk in. Proceeded to try and write on the chalkboard even though the pen was empty of chalk. All the while mumbling incoherently. Found out later he had a stroke and managed to drive himself to the university. EDIT: He didn’t return to teaching that year and as best I recall he ended up retiring due to health complications. He was in his 60’s and along with the stroke he had fallen and hit his head. Online searching shows he passed away about eight years later.


Teacher hit and killed a student walking on their way to school.


My favorite science teacher in high school was slowly being forced out by administration. One day in class she stopped teaching and sat down in front of us and told us she had just been diagnosed with MS and began sobbing. The entire class got up and gave her a long group hug. It is one of my most cherished memories from that chapter of my life.