The NRA’s Favorability Rating Just Slid Into Negative Territory For The First Time, Fox News Poll Shows

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Good. They don’t represent gun owning citizens, only gun manufacturer interest. Just look at NRA TV, nothing but a bunch of tools.


Kinda crazy how desensitized we’ve become. It took 1 major shooting event to get their approval rating to that level in 2000. Today, it took countless to achieve the same change in public opinion.


>According to the poll of 1,013 registered voters, 42 percent have a favorable view of the NRA and 47 percent have an unfavorable view, the first time the gun rights lobby group has had a net negative rating. >Moreover, the 42 percent is favorability rating is the lowest since 2000, when it was 43 percent a year after the Columbine school shooting that rocked America.


I figured that, after Sandy Hook, nobody was going to ever change their mind.


Thoughts and prayers