TIL about a 4-foot, hunchbacked, Quaker dwarf named Benjamin Lay, who was a fierce anti-slavery abolitionist. Known as the “Quaker Comet,” he used to troll religious elders during meetings and stage bizzare feats of anti-slavery performance art.

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TIL about the term “Quaker dwarf” and “weighty Quakers”. Read a bit more on him on Wikipedia. Dude was ahead of his time.


This is the beauty of Quakerism. Although Lay’s fervent strategy comes off as very un-Quaker-like, it stirred a great deal of reflection within a community that roots itself in humanism and pacifism. Fortunately there is also a distinct openness to reform amongst Quakers. When Friends speak as the spirit moves them, the meeting listens and reflects silently. These core values are part of what helped his cause to blossom, to become bigger than a public disruption.


“The Quaker Comet” is like the best gimmick pro wrestling moniker ever.


This guy was fantastic. I’m definitely going to teach my 4th grade students about him!


What a fucking legend.