TIL that Mount Rushmore is built in the black hills, a mountain range considered sacred to the Lakota tribe which the United States took in 1876. “Members of the American Indian Movement led an occupation of the monument in 1971, naming it “Mount Crazy Horse”

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Little more to it, there is a new monument showing Crazy Horse being built a few miles away. All private funds, so it is going slowly.


Crazy horse is a different monument. The Lakota called this mountain “four grandfather’s” or something to that effect… Then the US grabbed it and slapped their forefathers (kinda) on it, and have tried time and time again to “make good” with the tribe, understandably the offers are passed on with comments like ” you’ve done enough” Source: learned during a month of hitting many of the monuments and parks in 6 states, including both Rushmore and Crazy Horse. BTW C.H. is maaaaassssive compared to Rushmore.


And the Lakota stole it from the Cheyenne in the 1700s. And I’m sure the Cheyenne took it from someone else, brutally. It’s a cycle.


Incorrect. With a quick bit of research you can see there was a short lived occupation in 1971 (the second), but it had other purposes focused on holding the US Gov accountable for broken promises. An act of desperation perhaps… given the magnitude of the breach. Seems it was designed to raise awareness more than anything. Given the nature of this post… its effects, evidently, were short lived.


It’s interesting that you generally find more support on reddit for tribal religions than for modern religions.