TIL When Ringo Starr temporarily left the Beatles in 1968 because he felt side-lined, his fellow Beatles sent him a telegram telling him that he was the best drummer in the world and that they loved him. He returned, and found his drumkit covered in flowers, spelling out “Welcome Back, Ringo.”.

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By contrast a few months later when George quit John said let’s get Eric Clapton in to replace him.


>’Look man, you are the best drummer in the world *for us*.’ Way to qualify that statement, Paul.


People love to shit on Ringo for his fairly simplistic drum lines but I think that really misses the point. The Beatles are great, and the drums are perfect for their songs. So the drum lines aren’t technically complicated – so what? When you’re making art the objective is to be *good*, not esoteric and hard to reproduce.


The “not even the best drummer in the Beatles” line is a myth btw. Never actually said by a beatle.


And I thought he only improved himself to “best drummer in the Beatles” status.