Trains on UK railways now almost entirely state-owned – by foreign countries: Extensive state-ownership exists among UK rail operators, it just doesn’t involve the British state

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**”British” railways:** * c2c: Italian state * Chiltern: German state * CrossCountry: German state * East Midlands: Dutch state * Eurostar: French state * Gatwick Express: French state * Grand Central: German state * Great Northern: French state * Greater Anglia: Dutch state * London Northwestern Railway: Dutch state * London Overground: German state * Merseyrail: Dutch state * Northern: German state * Scotrail: Dutch state * South Western Railway: Hong Kong state * Southeastern: French state * Southern: French state * Stansted Express: Dutch state * TfL rail: Hong Kong state * Thameslink: French state * Transport for Wales: French state * West Coast: Italian state * West Midlands Railway: Dutch state


Well that was sterling work by a different useless Tory government.


call me some kind communist and insult me, but public transportation is one of the few things that should be state owned, like hospitals


I’ve been all over the EU and English trains are the worst and most expensive.


Typical Conservative Economic treason.