12-year-old Bahamian evacuee separated from her family by Customs and Border Protection

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For people who didn’t read the article.. “According to the Miami Herald, Keytora Paul, 12, and her godmother flew from Nassau to West Palm Beach on Sunday night after being evacuated from Abaco. After they landed, U.S. Customs and Border Protection says it “made multiple attempts to contact family members” but those efforts were unsuccessful. It was at that point, according to the Herald, that CBP says it transferred Keytora to Department of Health and Human Services custody, separating her from her aunt because she wasn’t the girl’s biological parent.” Her godmother took her from Bahamas to US and Customs couldn’t verify (multiple times) from family members that the godmother and the 12 year old were traveling together as planned. They handed the case off to HHS who separated them.


People argued that the government wouldn’t do it. That they woudn’t be that heartless. That people fleeing a natural disaster would be treated better than random people fleeing the violence in South America. That they would be allowed temporary shelter here since the island was devestated. That checking their paper as they disembarked was just following proper procedure…


Hey is anyone actually reading the article? They were following guidelines to prevent human trafficking. Her aunt was not allowed to pick her up because it is only allowed for her biological parents to pick her up. Attempts were made to contact her parents but no one answered.


of course people bitching. fuck verifying the aunt is who she said she was. let her get trafficked. then when they find her in a trafficking ring america still racist cuz they let her get trafficked cuz she brown. you people are fucking morons.


Is reading titles is all we do here? >CBP made **multiple attempts to contact family members** however was **unsuccessful**, resulting in the need to transfer the child to Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) custody. **This established CBP protocol is meant to protect vulnerable children from exploitation and human smuggling and is especially important during uncertainties created by natural disasters and emergencies**. CBP has been in contact with the child’s mother and is working through HHS to verify legitimate caretakers **and reunite them.**