7 positive childhood experiences (PCEs) linked to better adult mental health, finds study (n=6,188): Family talks about feelings; Family by me during difficulties; Traditions; Sense of belonging in high school; Supportive friends; Non-parent adults genuine interest; Safe/ protected by adult in home.

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Damn – the non-parent adults genuine interest is SO true. It makes such a massive difference when you feel like successful adults in the world that aren’t your parents think well of you, see your potential and mentor.


I really wonder how much of this is causative and correlative. Judging from the comments, it seems like most everyone here thinks they’re purely causative, but they could also be subject to interpretation. If I take the list: >Able to talk with the family about my feelings > >Felt that my family stood by me during difficult times > >Enjoyed participating in community traditions > >Felt a sense of belonging in high school > >Felt supported by friends > >Had at least two non-parent adults who took a genuine interest in me > >Felt safe and protected by an adult in my home There is only one item on the list, the second to last, that I strongly identified with. But, the interesting thing is that It’s been almost 20 years since I graduated from high school and I’ve grown a lot and have significantly better perspective than I did back then. The realization I came to, for myself at least, was that the other items on the list were a reflection of my mental state, not a reflection of reality. My parents practically begged me to talk about my feelings, I refused. They offered support, but I did everything I could to hide that I was struggling, etc. Looking at the list now, all of those things were available to me, but I chose not to take advantage. So, speaking for myself at least it seems correlative – my poor mental state then, and in early adulthood, was associated with not feeling I’d had those experiences, but I feel like my mental state caused that, not the other way around. I’m curious how you could design a study trying to isolate the causative/correlative nature.


Oh wow so a childhood that provides all of the basic needs leads to a healthy and well adjusted adult? Alot of mental health boils down to learning how to communicate with and UNDERSTAND others. If a person can do that they will be in a good place to handle problems in their life.


Hey, I kind of had two of them…that explains a lot.


Did they control for nostalgia? If I’m a good mood, I’m more likely to remember my childhood fondly…