9/11/01 failed to make a believer out of me

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The priest sounds a lot like Jerry Falwell, Sr. May not have actually been him, but I recall him blaming 9/11 on homosexuality and divorce. He basically endorsed Islamofascists and claimed America **deserved** the attack. It’s straight out disgusting, especially in moments of solidarity. If there’s one thing that should be classed as treason, it should be what Falwell said.


This reminds me of a time when I was a teenager and my mom is a hard core southern Baptist. I’m the only atheist. Anyway my mom literally looked me in the eyes and said that ” gay people are the downfall to our society” so yeah once I heard that I lost all respect for her….


Yeah it’s always us gays fault when religion leads to violence. We spent 16 or so centuries being castrated, burned, jailed, and having red hot iron pokers shoved up our asses by Christians. Now even today they’re blaming us for 9/11 and natural disasters. They said we deserved it when the Orlando nightclub got shot up. They say the government should execute us. If they get what they want, we’ll be back in the dark ages.


Thank you for sharing. I’m sorry you went through the 9/11 tragedies first hand. I hope you found better support than religion. That’s the problem with religion, it always seems to get in the way of what you are actually looking for.


If anything, 9/11 just strengthened the point that religion is toxic because it put, on full display, the stupid, insane, murderous shit people do in the name of their god. No religion is immune.