A man asked his wife if she can make him something to eat.

And she replied “Do I look like a fucking cook to you?”. A little later he asked if she has washed his favorite shirt. She replied “Do I look like a fucking maid to you?” Some time later the wife left and came home after a few hours. She was surprised to see a beautiful dinner waiting for her and all the dirty clothes were washed and folded. She called to her husband. “Honey did you do all this for me?” Husband: “No. The lady next door heard us earlier and after you left, offered to help me do all those things I asked you to do in exchange for either fixing her car or fucking her brains out.” Wife: “So did you fix her car?” Husband: “Do I look like a fucking mechanic to you?”

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He is a “fucking mechanic”, if he succedeed in the latter


If you take it literally… he killed her.


Ill give you a 10 cp shuckle for that