ABC refuses to air patriotic FFRF JFK ad during Thursday debate — The ad essentially shows JFK’s famous speech where he says “I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute”

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Religion in usa is out of control.


JFK was practically forced to say this because he was and still is the only Catholic president to hold the office in our Protestant America. As people should know, a lot of Catholic teaching involves the union of church and state. The fact that he was Catholic was actually a massive reason people voted against him, and voiced their political disagreement.


How else are we going to prevent mass shootings? Politicians can’t send their thoughts and prayers if church and state are separated.


Isn’t this the type of thing that’s SUPPOSED TO be advertised as it is totally in line with the thoughts of the four founders? I’m an European, I know this, and we learn absolutely nothing about the Civil War and the Admenments.


Disney wants that sweet evangelical cash. Secularists aren’t as big a market.