AT&T expects to lose another 1.1 million TV subscribers this quarter | AT&T forecasts subscriber loss as big shareholder says DirecTV buy was a mistake.

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I had a great experience with U-Verse TV before they bought DirectTV. I was lucky that we were relatively close to the neighborhood node, even though all we had was *copper* from the node to the house. There was no need for them to purchase DirectTV, as the U-Verse TV selection and experience was just fine. AT&T just wanted to get one step closer to monopoly…And I hope it drags them into bankruptcy for being so greedy.


DirecTV started out fine. AT&T shot themselves in the foot with the shitty business practices and shitty billy practices they use with everything, ruining the DirecTV product. Now they are trying to say those responsible for buying DirecTV are to blame for this, (now) “bad investment”. AT&T *should* just shrivel up and die as a whole if responsible citizens voted for quality with their dollars, instead of just what’s convenient.


I had great service with DirecTv before the merger. I have great service with AT&T and have had good service since they bought out Cingular. But when AT&T bought DirecTv, that service immediately went to shit. I’ve been dealing with the same bullshit billing errors for months. Like since March. I chat with CSRs to get it resolved so I can have transcripts of the conversations. Having the actual texts of what those shitbirds promise is the only way to hold them accountable. When Disney+ comes out, we will drop DirecTv altogether. They’ve offered all kinds of discounts and credits, but they never follow through and for some reason apply credits to current billing statements. So fuck DirecTv. They’ve gone steadily down the shitter since AT&T bought them. Their customer service is abysmal. They’re quick to promise band-aid solutions but never fix whatever underlying problem that’s causing the issue in the first place.


Yeah, cause you fucks did nothing to improve tthe service. Sick of whiny ass corps that don’t invest in workers or customers bitching about how they are doing so poorly.


Yeah, and their internet is too shitty to support streaming. Everyone loses.