Brazilian official who protects Amazon indigenous tribes shot dead

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Why has the whole world gone crazy?


> Maxciel Pereira dos Santos was shot twice in the head in front of his family in an apparent execution WTF that is fucking sick.


Police are investigating the crime? *Police* killed him. There is no investigation. But then again, is anyone surprised that another activist has been killed by one of Bolsonaro’s Death Squads?


Bolsonaro and his trash family will stop at nothing. History has shown the damage dynasties can cause to societies over a prolonged period.


This is one of those stories that makes you (well me, at least) wonder if you would have the courage to be the next one to stand up, knowing the risk. People know there might be a bullet coming one day and still show up. Be it a Russian journalist, a climate change activist, or whatever, if we ignore how totally fucked it is to kill a person for standing up for the little guy, we can see the massive integrity and badassary people in these positions possess. I truly don’t know if I would have the balls to do this.