California Approves Statewide Rent Control to Ease Housing Crisis

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Get ready for the problem to get worse now.


This is not good. Why do politicians not understand supply vs. demand? Build more places to live.


It’s funny how Californians love to say they oppose Donald Trump for his xenophobia, and then vote in a bunch of municipal xenophobes. If you are anti-construction and refuse to build more to allow other people to move in, how are you any different than Nigel Farage saying “our island is full”? If you refuse to rezone because you want to preserve the existing culture and look of your community, well, that sounds very National Front doesn’t it?


Hey, here’s an idea: BUILD MORE APARTMENTS.


5%+inflation annual rent growth cap and new buildings built within the last 15 years are exempt. Sorry to break it but this bill is mostly virtue signaling. The days of double digit rent increases are over because the rent is already so high in CA.