California bans private prisons – including Ice detention centers

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> The private prison industry is set to be upended after California lawmakers passed a bill on Wednesday banning the facilities from operating in the state. The move will probably also close down four large immigration detention facilities that can hold up to 4,500 people at a time. > The legislation is being hailed as a major victory for criminal justice reform because it removes the profit motive from incarceration. It also marks a dramatic departure from California’s past, when private prisons were relied on to reduce crowding in state-run facilities.


Good for California. That being said, the political implications may make this decision an important one to watch closely for any developments based around this decision.


This is fantastic news. Proud of my state.


I’m stunned that doing the right thing wasn’t part of a ten year plan to kind of “ease into it” and then it quietly just fades away in year 8. Way to get set the example California! This is how we get things done, by just DOING them.


California is a bright beacon in a dark world! Are we perfect? No, but we are better than most