California lawmakers move to block facial recogntion in police body cameras

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>The Golden State is one step closer to banning police departments from using facial recognition in body cameras. The California State Senate voted Wednesday to approve a bill that would prevent police from using the two technologies together for three years Well yes, but actually no…


Good for California. Mass surveillance won’t lead to anything good.


It should be illegal period. I own my personal biometric dimensions and I didn’t give anyone permission to use it or keep record of it.


I don’t understand. This seems like it would be *incredibly* useful technology. Why try to ban it?


And what automatic, district-attorney-independent consequences are to be applied to the inevitable and consistent breaches of this law by agencies everywhere? Because without *severe and unavoidable* deterrence these systems will be implemented harder than stingray, regulations and laws be damned (again). The potential for privacy-destruction, stifling of dissent or journalism, and general abuse makes facial recognition too much of a holy grail for law enforcement to ignore.