Creator of Stanford Prison Experiment on Trump’s camps: It’s how Nazi guards behaved

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I mean, he’s not wrong, but I wish people would stop citing the Stanford Prison Experiment as anything other than how to do bad and unethical science


I would like to advocate for everyone reading: **”Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland” by Christopher Browning.** It documents the actions of the titular battalion as they commit mass shootings, ghetto-clearings, and deportation actions throughout their assigned district in Poland during 1942 and 1943. By Browning’s estimation (supported, in part, by the meticulous records kept by the unit), they ended up shooting at least 38,000 people and facilitated the deportation (to Treblinka) of at least 45,000 more. The book seeks to understand why ordinary people are able to participate in genocide. It does so by using post-war interviews from members of the battalion as well as official reports and other primary sources from the war years and examining these through different lenses (psychological explanations, economic motivations, etc.). The part that will stick with me forever: “The collective behavior of Reserve Police Battalion 101 has deeply disturbing implications. There are many societies afflicted by traditions of racism and caught in the siege mentality of war or threat of war. Everywhere society conditions people to respect and defer to authority, and indeed could scarcely function otherwise. Everywhere people seek career advancement. In every modern society, the complexity of life and the resulting bureaucratization and specialization attenuate the sense of personal responsibility of those implementing official policy. Within virtually every social collective, the peer group exerts tremendous pressures on behavior and sets moral norms. If the men of Reserve Police Battalion 101 could become killers under such circumstances, what group of men cannot?” These camps should be a much bigger deal than they are. Trump should be in jail (or, at the very least, out of power). The irresponsibility involved in all of this is criminal and people are already dying.


While he may be right about Trump, there are some serious doubts about the validity of the Stanford prison experiment.


Well, the american guards in american concentration camps are acting like nazi guards in nazi concentration camps because both groups are nazi’s.


He’s not wrong, but wasn’t the standford prison experiment woefully flawed and deeply unethical?