Democrat’s ‘I Will Not Yield’ Speech Turns Into New War Cry Against GOP — Video of North Carolina state Rep. Deb Butler resisting what she called Republican “trickery” is going viral.

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>what she called Republican “trickery” What else do you call using the remembrance of a national tragedy that cost the lives of almost 3,000 Americans to lie to your political colleagues and the media to hold a secret vote to overturn a veto?


Every one of these democrats should hammer home at every opportunity, the North Carolina Republican **mocked the 9/11 dead**. This is the worst shitshow I have ever seen come out of NC republicans, and I have been in NC for a while. It is shitty enough that they held a democracy-dodging vote, but to do it in **mockery of 9/11 victims** while democrats were at a 9/11 memorial service is lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut. The NC republicans that did this are just trash people, plain and simple.


“While we were remembering the victims of 9/11, lying Republicans did not attend, instead using our presence at the service for victims of the worst terrorist attack on US soil as cover to advance their political agenda” It’s a ready made attack ad…


David Frum told us years ago that if conservatives can’t win at the ballot box, they won’t abandon conservatism, they will abandon democracy. It turns out that was actually a threat than a warning.


Deb Butler is a badass! Believe it.