ELI5: When trying to sleep, how can one position be so comfortable when you first get into it, but then uncomfortable after 5 minutes?

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What’s nice for your muscles and what’s nice for your bones and ligaments isn’t always the same thing, especially if you have posture problems. You might have a tight shoulder for example, and being in a particular position might relieve that. But the same position could put stress on your spine. So you lie down and feel shoulder relief, but a few minutes later your spine starts hurting. If you have persistent problems with sleeping comfortably, you may want to get checked out by a physiotherapist. Especially if it’s back or joint pain.


Corrective posturing: for instance, in massage therapy, sometimes when a person’s shoulders are sore— the last thing you’re supposed to work on is the shoulders. The point being, if sore shoulders are indicative of other tightness, relaxing the shoulders means they can be further pulled out of alignment. Same thing with standing, vs pronation. – this is also why people sometimes get suuuper annoyed with massage therapists, thinking they’ve totally lost the plot on what was asked for.


your body isnt generally meant to stay in the same position forever. almost every position a human body can take on a surface slows the bloodflow of at least one area to less than optimal, and the simple act of staying still or being in a position can cause joints and muscles to tighten up in a way that might cause pain if held too long, and that can be relieved by simply shifting a bit.


Get a decent memory foam mattress (doesn’t have to be expensive!). I can sleep for hours without moving, the mattress cradles me wonderfully.


Like everything in life, hence suffering. Try watching the same thing you like over and over again (eyes). Try listening for your favorite song over and over again (ears). Try eating your favorite dish every day (mouth). Try feeling the same texture every day (body). Try thinking of the same thing over and over again (thinking). 2 things that govern us. mind and body. The body deteriorates. While the mind can be trained.