Facebook Took Down A Fact-Check Of An Anti-Abortion Video After Republicans Complained

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I dunno, I think it’s probably a good idea to talk to drs who perform the operation to get accurate information about the procedure. Facebook bowing to the pressure that it’s unfair to talk to drs who actually perform the operation is not a good sign.


Ted Cruz, fuck that guy…


This how Conservative brains operate. When my dad was sending bullshit Tea Party chain emails I would send him back sources that showed the email was all made up and he would say “it feels true though” and that was more important to him than everything.


Let me get this straight, Doctor’s (experts) say that the article is false and the right complains that they are conflicted because doctor’s get paid to perform abortions and we shouldn’t listen to them and it’s suppressing conservative thoughts and prayers. Oil company executives (not experts) who are heavily conflicted because they make money off of pollution say climate change isn’t real but the right says we should listen to them because otherwise we are dismissing conservative thoughts and prayers again… My brain hurts.


I’m extremely confused. They’re accusing Facebook of “censorship” by demanding that Facebook censor groups they don’t agree with. They’re also accusing the physicians involved as “biased” because they’re associated with pro-choice groups. Meanwhile, nary a word about the inherent anti-choice bias of people like Ted Cruz and (likely) the people who made the original video. Right wing ideologues can’t be allowed to dictate what constitutes free speech. They care nothing for it.