‘Frozen dragon of the north wind’ (Cryodrakon boreas) flew over North America 77 million years ago, scientists say. New species of Pterosaur, a flying reptile, has been identified in the vast, dry terrain of Canada’s badlands.

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“Giraffe sized reptilian stork” is the meanest description of a dragon I’ve ever heard


I’ve spent a decent amount of time walking in these particular badlands and I’ve found a lot of petrified wood and bone fragments, including a badass cross-section of a thick bone, spongy looking marrow and everything. I need to bring it by the Royal Tyrell still to see if they can identify it. The fossils wash out of the cracks in the hills during heavy downpour. It’s really cool.


How do we know they actually flew? Like do we find them on cliffsides with no other access?