Fruit never has to go bad on me again and for some reason i’m really excited about that

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Sometimes, people need those “well duh” moments to get out of a rut.


You could make ice cream with the bananas if you have a food processor! Bananas, a splash of milk and some peanut butter is my favourite. I literally get bananas for the soul purpose of letting them over ripen now.


Yoooo when you freeze fruit I suggest doing so on wax paper laid out flat so the fruit parts don’t touch and so they don’t freeze together! Once they’ve frozen you can put them into a ziplock or something


Dehydration is another great way to extend the life of fruit(or veggies or meat). Pretty easy to find a dehydrator for $10 or so at a thrift store.


Add some spinach or protein powder for an easy nutrition boost to your smoothie!