‘Glory to Hong Kong’: pro-democracy anthem embraced by protesters | World news

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For 20 years, us HongKongers have been listening to the China national anthem everyday before the evening news report. We don’t feel anything. We switch channels when that happens. We sometimes even laugh at Western people crying over their national anthem. But now, with this song, we finally understand the meaning behind them.


This is better then them waving American flags or singing our national anthem. Changes in Hong Kong have to come from Hong Kong. Any external intervention will only hurt their position in the end.


Meanwhile, please be noted that shills activity are on record high, they flooded the DW News Facebook page with comments like *”I’m a Hong Konger, I’m born and raised in Hong Kong, I love Hong Kong…”* then proceed to spread their chinese propaganda bullshits. They also claim themselves to be an American, Canadian, Australian, sometimes Swedish just to make their propaganda more sounding. They all argue according to a playbook, with the same wordings (e.g. China’s internal matter) and logic (e.g. whatabouting). I guess people here already know this, but we still need to spread this out so more people can be immune to such bullshits.


Hongkongers could never understand why people burst into tears while singing their national anthem until today, they start to have their own song representing them and their land. And they burst into tears while singing this song aloud (not the PRC national anthem). This is a wonderful moment.


I just gotta say, you hongkongers are badass! I hope us Canadians can unite and get rid of China if our government doesnt protect us.