How am I supposed to know whether I’m doing an exercise wrong?

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It depends what exercises you are doing, but honestly you could benefit a lot from asking a trainer to give you some tips or check form if your gym has some on staff. Not only will they help to keep you from injuring yourself, it will help you build confidence and you won’t constantly be thinking “people probably think I look like an idiot right now”. The injury aspect is more an issue if you are using heavier weights, but the confidence boost can really help you keep up with exercising once you get started. I’ve seen a lot of people ditch the gym and stop working out simply because they feel awkward or dumb at the gym.


You’re overthinking it. When I started going to the gym last year I would look at the exercises on my phone before doing them. After a while, I stopped and now I just sometimes look up a gif or video if I’m in doubt of form. One tip would to be to start with a lower weight so you can focus on form. You’ll be fine. Have fun


You should just film yourself or look in the mirror. Also, if your form is wrong but it “feels comfortable”, fix your form even if it’s uncomfortable. It might feel comfortable until you hurt yourself due to poor form.


Take a video and post it to a forum/site/sub for critique. Don’t trust a trainer unless you have reason to believe they are legit and aren’t just a random big box commercial gym employee. Looking in the mirror may be impossible due to required body and head position while doing the lift and the viewing angle needed to evaluate. ​ So, how do you do it without filming? Find somebody you trust to know what they are doing to watch you. ​ You should be taking video for self review on the major exercises anyway IMO, and not just when starting


ask someone else in the gym, like this cool greek god i met today named Rauol