In NC redraw, lottery machine will pick legislative map at random

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Will the lottery machine first be rigged by Republicans?


It’s odd that legislatures are even allowed to be involved in districting. The practice has conflict of interest written all over it since these people are dictating their own terms of employment. You’d think state supreme courts would/should handle this. Not to say they are always fair and balanced…..but at least they wouldn’t have a personal stake in the game.


This sounds like one of the best methods I’ve heard of yet for choosing legislative districts. Good job N.C.!


The best plan I’ve heard involved one side drawing up a full map then the other side picks one district and “locks” it. The second side then redraws the map with the locked district and the first side picks one district and locks it. Back and forth until all districts are locked.


In soviet russia you don’t pick voting machine, voting machine picks you