Justice Sotomayor warns the Supreme Court is doing “extraordinary” favors for Trump

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the court lost legitimacy with Gorsuch. The sooner we disband and start over or pack the court to make the Trump traitor irrelevant the better.


SCOTUS is illegitimate and has been since Moscow Mitch blocked Obama’s appointments. That indicates a preselection btw. How did he know a Dem wouldn’t be elected at the time? Jeb Bush couldn’t even get people to clap for him.


The Roberts court is illegitimate and partisan


Anthony Kennedy’s son…..


Are we having a revolution yet? I like to pop in from time to time, just to see if anyone is ready. With Russia *still* actively in our voting system, the SCOTUS stacked, and the department of justice being only concerned with legal defense of a traitor, what other option do we have? The Republicans used a hostile foreign power to stage and execute a coup. The userper in office will not give up his power, nor will Republican senators. They’re compromised, and with Trump talking about a third term, you can bet your ass he’s serious. This shit doesn’t just affect us, this is global. And if we want to continue relations with our allies, something needs to be done. Voting isn’t working, bitching in Reddit isn’t working, and we all know our law makers are useless. Give me a solution here, because I’m at a loss. This needs to end, tonight if possible, but 2020 is too long to wait for the coming nightmare. In the meantime, here were are. It’s time to end the coup. I’m up for suggestions on a peaceful solution, I just can’t think of one.