Lawyers, why did that one couple call off the divorce?

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Not a lawyer but I worked as an assistant in a family law courtroom. Down to the last two cases for the judge to hear for the day and they could not have been more different. The first one was a 10+ year divorce where the two parties could not stand the sight of one another. Over the course of their case, the parties were belligerent to one another, the other party’s legal counsel, and even towards the children if it seemed that they were ‘on the wrong side.’ Throughout their many appearances in court, I honestly wondered what they were going to do with all the free time of not being in litigation when this was all over. Second couple was much younger, they did not have lawyers, and it was their first appearance for their divorce. During the first case’s proceedings, the second couple stepped outside (at first I thought it was for the other couple’s privacy) and didn’t come in until the very end of the first couple’s hearing. When they were called in, they just walked in and said they didn’t want to pursue the divorce until they gave their marriage a better shot. They realized things could be much much worse and seeing a disastrous divorce put things into perspective. I did not see the second couple again while I worked at the courthouse but eventually saw them at the local supermarket a month or so later with their kids so I guess it’s working out so far.


My parents told my sister and I that they were getting a divorce. Dad found out about his cancer before they went through with it. My mom stuck with him and took care of him through his passing.


When I was a kid the neighbor’s dad ran off (went to get cigs and never came back). He was a rich banker type and his wife was a harried stay at home mom with three boys about my age. About ten years later and she’s a real estate agent making decent money. She lost weight, dresses nice, etc. Basically the MILF next door. She has a fiance but is technically still married so starts the legal proceedings. Guy comes back to appear in court, sign papers, etc. and falls head over heels in love again with his estranged wife. She takes him back and dumps the fiance. My friends, the three boys down the street, hated their dad for leaving and couldn’t believe their mom took him back.


I do a lot of divorces in my practice, and typically the ones that get called off are the younger couples that decide they did not make a good enough effort to save the marriage. Half the time, I’ll see the client again in about six months. The other half seems to work out. The only case that stands out in my memory is a case that was nearing the end… both attorneys had put in a lot of work. Mediation had been semi-successful, and we were fairly confident we were going to be able to settle the divorce without a full blown trial, but we knew that a couple issues might have to be decided by the judge. It was clear that the divorce was going to happen though. One day, I get a call from my client. He told me he didn’t want the divorce anymore, and he gave me his reason why. I informed him that we couldn’t stop the divorce from happening if his wife wanted to press forward. He told me his wife wanted to call off the divorce as well for the same reason, which I’ll get to in a moment. I called OC, and he informed me that his client wanted to call off the divorce as well… for the same reason. Apparently, both parties had been visited by God on the same night, and he demanded that they honor their vows and make the marriage work. Keep in mind both parties have spent a lot of time and money already. I asked OC what his thoughts were, and he said “Who are we to argue with God?” We had a good laugh, and they are still married to this day.


Divorce lawyer here. Seen a few reconciliations over the years. Couple of cases I’ve seen: – Husband completed rehab and was fully committed to sobriety. – Separation where one party was living in a Marriott suite for a month, not securing own residence. Just too hard on the family going through just that transition, much less an entire divorce. – Two parents realizing that they couldn’t put the kids through the process of a divorce at that time. – Two elder parties who just realized it made no financial sense to be divorced (taxes, health insurance, etc.) One thing to definitely make clear is that lawyers (for the most part) are actually happy to see two people not get divorced – especially if there are kids involved. Yes, we don’t get paid as much, but there’s always someone getting divorced; as a divorce lawyer you accept that you traffic in human misery and sometimes it’s just nice to see people staying together. Reconciliations (when it’s for the best) and adoptions – those are the best parts of the job.