Man honored by Trump for heroic actions in El Paso shooting made up story: Police

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>“[His actions] were basically human instincts, survival instincts but they were not heroic or as he described,” police spokesman Enrique Carillo told ABC News on Wednesday, though he declined to answer specific questions. Would you not just assume there’s video surveillance inside a store? >The White House event went ahead as planned. Grant’s mother, who was in attendance, was given a certificate of commendation on her son’s behalf, and Trump praised Grant’s actions. Why does he still get the certificate? He lied.


And was arrested on a warrant by Secret Service when he showed up …


* one of the people trump Honored. And he wasn’t even at the ceremony because Secret service arrested him at the gate due to outstanding warrants for car theft and evading police. In Texas I think Edit: Geeze! posters in this thread sure like to provide plenty of evidence as to why Trump was elected and probably will again in 2020. The lack of self awareness is astounding


Fuck.. The dude must’ve put a little heroic inflation in his story from his hospital bed… Disproved by the video.


Fake recognize Fake yo