Medicare for All Would Cut Poverty by Over 20 Percent

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Universal healthcare will fundamentally alter the US for the better. Not only will people be paying less for healthcare through their taxes, people will get better overall care. As an American who moved to a country with universal healthcare, my mental health unexpectedly improved (I didn’t think I needed the improvement either). I didn’t have to worry about being one diagnosis away from bankruptcy. I didn’t worry about needing to call an ambulance if anyone in my family gets injured. I stopped worrying about staying in a shitty job because I couldn’t afford the loss of healthcare while looking for a new job (including fucking around with COBRA) and then the mandatory 6 months waiting period at the new job multiplied by the worry of having a “pre-existing condition” that in a sane world world would just be called my “medical history.” TL;DR America will experience a great free flow of capital (people) which is necessary for a capitalist system to succeed.


That’s exactly what they are scared of. You keep people dependent on those paychecks and corporate America wins. It’s real hard for people to leave an abusive job, abusive boss, or start their own dreams when they can’t afford to do so. Keep the people dependent and corporations can do what ever the fuck they want because we need the paycheck. And for their corporation in the shit show the gov gets $$$.


People would take more risks with their career and open their own businesses in stead of crowding near cities in the search of benefits. People would spread out and move away from the cities, housing prices would become more normal, rural areas would benefit from educated people moving back to where they came from…


“but taxation is THEFT” • Pays $1500 a month for insurance Lmao okay conservatives


We’ve got about 20 more minutes before the Status Quo Warrior team of bootlickers arrive to shit all over this piece.