Megathread: House committee adopts new procedures for impeachment investigation of President Trump

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Schiff: During the course of this Russian interference in the election, the Russians made outreach to the Trump campaign, did they not? Mueller: That occurred. [. . .] Schiff: The campaign welcomed the Russian help, did they not? Mueller: We report indications that that occurred, yes. [. . .] Schiff: The president himself called on the Russians to hack [Hillary Clinton’s] emails? Mueller: There was a statement by the president on those general lines. Schiff: Numerous times during the campaign, the president praised the releases of the Russian-hacked emails through WikiLeaks? Mueller: That did occur. [. . .] Schiff: Apart from the Russians wanting to help Trump win . . . Donald Trump was trying to make millions from a real estate deal in Moscow? Mueller: You’re talking about the hotel in Moscow? Yes. Schiff: When your investigation looked into these matters, numerous Trump associates lied to your team, the grand jury and to Congress? Mueller: A number of people we interviewed in our investigation, it turns out, did lie. . . . Schiff: When the president said the Russian interference was a “hoax,” that was false, wasn’t it? Mueller: True. [. . .] Schiff: In short, your investigation found evidence that Russia wanted to help Trump win the election, right? Mueller: I think, generally, that would be accurate. [. . .] Schiff: Russia committed federal crimes in order to help Donald Trump? Mueller: You’re talking about the computer crimes charged in our case? Absolutely. Schiff: Trump campaign officials built their strategy, their messaging strategy, around those stolen documents? Mueller: Generally, that’s true. Schiff: And then they lied to cover it up? Mueller: Generally, that’s true. Edit: thank you kind strangers for the gold and silver!


Regardless of the outcome, impeachment hearings will accomplish two very important things. First, it forces accountability in our politicians. They have to either support, reject, or run and hide and refuse to vote. This is critical information to have going into election season. Second, it shines a powerful light on all of the president’s misdeeds, breaking the cycle of scandal, outrage, new scandal. It puts it all out there again in a cohesive narrative that we the people can more easily digest. It also indelibly preserves it in the Congressional records. Those two reasons _alone_, are vitally important and would be more than enough to justify proceeding with impeachment hearings. To say nothing of the possibility for finally holding this corrupt, sadistic group of felons in the Trump administration wholly accountable for their crimes.


Here’s what I think will happen. The democrats will get as much dirt and evidence on him as possible and impeach him just before the presidential election. He will not be removed in the senate (obviously). However, the whole process will be a legal and political disaster for Trump. By 2021, a Democratic president will be in office, and Trump will be free to be prosecuted as a private citizen.


Here’s what I think will happen in broad terms… • Dems know that the Senate will never remove Trump, so this is timed to bring Trump to trial just before the general election in November of 2020. • The timing will be easy to control because, between now and then, the HJC will investigate all of Trump’s activities that *may* be impeachable offenses. They can include or exclude whatever they need to in order to keep pace. • The GOP will obstruct and delay as they usually do, but it’s not really going to help them because it means the Dems can remove the least egregious actions from the docket and focus on the most egregious actions. (There are a lot to choose from and there will likely be more.) The end date will remain the same. • With the “Impeachment Hearings” label attached, they’ll now get more media coverage, so they’ll bring in not only Trump’s sycophants but also independent fact witnesses. Damning documents will be produced that the public is not currently aware of in addition to documents (tax returns, bank loans, etc.) that we are aware of. • Ultimately, the House will let some corrupt acts go (in order to prove thoughtfulness) and pass the most difficult to defend Articles of Impeachment. These articles will be strategically selected for maximum impact on the Presidential and Senate campaigns. • All of this will be happening with the background of Trump’s deteriorating mental condition, a looming recession, additional corrupt acts, and eventually a general election campaign. At some point, the only questions Trump will get in front of the noisy helicopter will be about the impeachment hearings. He won’t debate the Democratic nominee because he knows it will be a disaster. He’ll continue to do his cult rallies.


Thanks to everyone who contributed towards flipping the House last year.