New law makes it easier for college students to avoid taking classes that won’t transfer

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Colleges and their dirty tricks to pick your pocket. Then, after being misled, lied to and fee’d at every opportunity they send you letters asking for donations to your dear old Alma Mater. There are other ways to get educations and learn professional skills. I hope they flourish while the college system goes the way of the dinosaur.


Holder of 5 degrees from various institutions here. Take courses at community colleges, rather than at 4 year schools (college, University, etc), if you can. Almost all of my community college courses were transferable, compared to very few of my university courses. Community colleges (within the same state at least) try to coordinate course numbers for this reason, while universities have their own course numbers that require a lot of cross referencing to match up with other universities. Keep in mind that the general goal of a community college is to prepare you with skills for a transfer to “what’s next” (certification program, technical school, 4 year school, or general life skills). Contrast that with the general goal of a 4 year school, which is to have you get a paper degree from that school. I said “general” because there really isn’t much support for you once you are enrolled, and maybe the real goal is to get you to feel a connection to your school and eventually donate to it.


God I wish I had this when I went to college. Lost nearly 60 hours transferring from my community college to uni.


I thought most of the problems encountered by students not having certain course credits accepted was due to multiple changes of majors.