Number of super-rich in Spain grows 74% since reintroduction of wealth tax: Figures show the ultra-wealthy have benefited more from the economic recovery than other citizens

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It sounds like the growth in the ultra-wealthy has been from the government uncovering undeclared assets. The growth in people who declared more than 1.5 million and 30 million together adds up to about 31 billion euroes. The government uncovered 156 billion euroes in assets from Modelo 720. So it sounds like new super rich Spaniards have been found, not created.


The title makes it sound like the tax created the wealth. Spain have been the best performing South European country since 09. Wealth tax or no wealth tax. Wonder how much better of they would have been with no wealth tax…?


If you want equality poverty is your route. Rising inequality is a natural consequence of economic growth because people vary in their ability to exploit economic opportunities.