Only the wealthy have the right to longevity. Medicare for All can fix that – A dystopian government study finds that income and lifespan are correlated — but it doesn’t have to be this way

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Pretty sure it has been known for the majority of human history that wealthy people live longer than poor people. Still, it is good to see concrete scientific data backing it up. I’m not surprised that rich people live longer, but the bottom 20% has a 42% higher chance being dead in there 50s versus the richest 20%. That feels…unusually large compared to the rest of the developed world. Due to the nature of US politics right now, unfortunately this whole post is now cancer. People need to lighten up.


When did this sub become so littered with stupid political spam?


Why even use the phrase “Medicare for All?” Just be clear, we’re talking about a single-payer healthcare system designed to use the power of our combined purchasing power to force healthcare back into a competitive market. That opens the door for discussion instead of instantly dividing party lines about whether or not you like Medicare.


I love how everyone is already convinced only the wealthy will be able to afford these treatments when these treatments don’t even exist yet. How about we wait until this stuff gets to market first and we actually know the price before speculating about who can and who can’t afford it.


Love how the article is basically meaningless. I’d wager dollars to donuts it’s more to do with the fact poor people are more likely to be eating Burger King and McDonalds for breakfast lunch and dinner than wealthy people.