‘Putin is very angry’: Opposition movement hit by wave of simultaneous raids on towns and cities across Russia | ‘This is a case where the actions of the police are no different from those of burglars’

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Putin no likey democracy


Scared is often confused with angry. Mostly because some react with anger to fear. As in this case. Its still fear though. Putin is *scared*.


That title reminds me of an old Soviet joke: > A man is awoken one night by the sound of glass breaking downstairs and the sound of boots. He quickly springs out of bed, grabs his journal and some letters off his desk, throws them in the wastebasket, and lights a match. But before he can burn his papers, he feels a hand on his shoulder. > “You can relax, Comrade, I’m only a burglar.”


And y’know what you do with burglers? *You shoot them.* The opposition in russia needs to give up any pretense that a nonviolent, democratic change of regime can take place under current circumstances and make the elimination of Putin and his major backers by any means necessary their #1 priority. The only language the tyrant can understand is violence; the only thing capable of changing his mind a bullet.


President Trump is masturbating furiously to this, wishing he could get away with this shit.