Sick dying mom wants to leave me the house.

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I’m sorry you and your mom are going through this. You should talk with a lawyer in your mom’s state about these type of questions. You can’t get any kind of leave from your job to visit your dying mother? Questions to find the answers to: mom’s estate. Any other assets? Cars, social security, life insurance, CDs, etc. Are her bills up to date? How is she paying those bills? Are there any other family members involved? Does she have a medical plan for end of life decided? Are you her medical power of attorney? Do not let her put you on the deed until she dies. You don’t want to own the property until then because of the basis in the home. That is the cost. You want the basis to be the value at her death, not the price when she moved in.


This isn’t what you asked but if your mom has “chronic kidney disease stage 3” then this is a relatively minor kidney impairment and not life threatening. That might not be what she has and obviously the status of her cancer matters also. It might be worth asking if you can get her permission to talk to one of her doctors before you make emergency travel or career plans.


Sorry that you’re going through this. It’s worth it to reach out to the Judge Advocate for basic legal advice. You’ll probably still need/want to talk to a FL lawyer, but the JAG can explain some of the concepts and help you understand what questions to ask (saving time when you’re paying the other lawyer for their time).


Literally not the point of your post but, stage III kidney disease is not in and of itself, immediately life threatening. Of course there might be other things going on that are, but maybe talk to her to see if you can get a clearer picture of her health? Either way, I’m sorry you’re dealing with her illness.


sorry about your mother. that’s a difficult situation. I would have sent you to legal advice, but oh well. your mom’s heart is in the right place, but this sort of thing can backfire in a big way if done incorrectly. my wife works at a nursing home and several times a year there are people who get in legal or tax trouble for doing things like DIY quit claim deeds at the county courthouse in an attempt to dodge nursing home bills when grandma gets sick. “we’ll just quit claim the house to one of the kids so the state doesn’t take the house!” nope, doesn’t work like that. you’re correct in writing “I’m not even sure if I will get that house if her medical bills take her estate.” when settling someone’s estate, you add up all assets, pay outstanding bills and taxes, and then inheritances are passed out if any assets remain. this may or may not force the sale of the house, depending on state law and assets vs. bills. sometimes bills will end up as liens on the property, other times people can be forced to sell the house, cars, etc. moving the house to a trust is a possibility. that way, it’s not part of her estate. but IIRC there’s a 5 year look-back period under law. if property is titled to a trust within 5 years of death, it’s effectively considered an attempt to conceal assets from the state and the trust can be invalidated. so depending on her prognosis, a trust may or may not be an option. I think you and mom need some legal advice from a good estate lawyer local to her. a few hundred bucks to get it all prepared now will save everyone a lot of time, money and hassle in the future. with mom’s permission, you can talk to the lawyer via email or skype to know what’s happening. get paperwork in order as much as possible. car titles, house documents, bank accounts, etc. if you’re in the military, start with the JAG office. at the very least, they can explain the general principles to you. best case, they can provide a referral or maybe handle the paperwork for mom. good luck.