‘Socialism’ Made America Great — The GOP hopes the S-word will scare you, but great public works projects transformed this country for the better.

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Tell this to my Fox-news-obsessed father, who went to school on a GI grant, got a VA loan for his first home, and spent most of his career in a heavily subsidized manufacturing industry. *edit* Since a lot of people are making this point (and I respond in a few comments) I’ll note that the US military is largely a federal jobs and insurance program for unskilled 18 year old laborers. You “work” for the benefits, but that work has its value not because we *need* a military this size to protect the country, but because society’s determined it’s better to pay an 18 year old to polish his boots in San Antonio than to risk him working at Walmart and getting addicted to opiates.


>Still, it puts lie to the chant that “the U.S. has never been a socialist country!” After all, we drive on socialist, government-owned roads. This. If the GOP thought real hard, they’d realize the interstate highway system is one of the most expansive government programs that employed 1000s to create, and made the lives of Americans much easier to travel…


I’m sure all conservatives who feel so strongly against ‘socialist’ policies would be more than happy to waive their Social Security benefits and Medicare when they turn 65, no?


The use of socialism as a catch all term is fascinating. Socialism, capitalism, communism, etc all seem to be like the Bible; it means whatever the fick you want it to mean. The United States of America, at a federal level (and to my knowledge state level) has never had a socialist economy. Public works aren’t socialism. Public services like schools aren’t socialism. Taxing the rich isn’t socialism. Workers owning the means of production either directly or through the State is the primary feature of socialism.


Public works projects =/= socialism. But definitely a step in the right direction. Edit: thanks for the gold!