Students at Boris Johnson’s former Oxford college launch petition to have him banned from campus

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Is he an Oxford grad?


Is this really one of the top stories from around the world right now or is there some odd obsession with Boris Johnson which demands 3 stories about him on the front page at all times?


So typical of the modern era. Ban someone from campus because you don’t like them. These dumbasses need to understand the world doesn’t revolve around their idealogy. And this is coming from someone who think Boris is a potato.


Highly unpopular comment: Silencing dissenting or perceived opposing views ultimately works towards diminishing open discourse on relevant and important conversations, no matter how offensive they may seem. Also – a good barber is worth one’s weight in gold. Also, this is the system you have – please work around it. #yesitsucks.


Subset of students disagree with man and try to get him banned from alma mater because they dont like his politics.